Google has been making some interesting choices lately.  They’ve been deleting accounts, turning off services, and so on.  After rumblings of this started on the book blogging grapevine, a couple of things happened.

  1. My boyfriend’s blog, Tarnished Reviews, lost its Google AdSense.  On New Year’s Eve.  They were quick to say “Ha ha, no,” to his appeal when they canceled the account for receiving too many clicks.  How many clicks are too many?  Who knows.  They don’t specify.  It could have been as simple as a click or two a day from me, at my home IP address.
  2. Today a major book reviewer, the Bookish Brunette, was completely deleted for some violation of terms of service.  What did she do?  Who knows!  Google isn’t saying.  When I go on Twitter and watch drama unfold, I much prefer it to be about some news event (I had popcorn with the Iowa caucuses) or something, not a book blogger trying to figure out where best to move her blog.  Which, by the way, was followed by hundreds of readers.  And had a domain she was paying for.  Google doesn’t discriminate between free services and pay.  When they arbitrarily decide to cut you out, it doesn’t matter.

I want to redesign my blog anyway, make it more unique.  So with Google’s shenanigans and my desire for change, stay tuned for where the Moonlit Librarian will go next.  I’m thinking WordPress, but I do have a local web designer that still owes me a paycheck from this summer that I might be able to work a deal with for web services.

Changes are coming!  (And if Google decides I’m next, I’ll let you know through social networking where I am!)