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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.  I am thankful for the library job and all my students (especially K-7), for my friends and family, and for all my readers here.

Today seems an appropriate time to share some great donations I received earlier this month, and books I purchased for the library with the Scholastic Dollars at the book fair.

My dad bought books at the school fairs, read them, and donated them.
From a parent
Dogs in the Dead of Night, Magic Tree House #46
From another person
Legendary: The Unforgettable Career of Brett Favre
(This is Packer country!)
 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever
The Outsiders, and To Kill a Mockingbird, two classics the library didn’t have
The Kane Chronicles: Throne of Fire
The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod: Twelfth Grade Kills
Forgive My Fins (Such a pretty cover!)
Guardians of Ga-Hoole 3-volume pack
Star Wars Character Encyclopedia (To take some heat off the most requested item in the library, the Star Wars Visual Dictionary)
National Geographic Kids: Everything Big Cats
An audiobook, because we have so few:
Dogs of the Drowned City: The Storm
Sugar Plum Ballerinas: Sugar Plums to the Rescue!
Pinkalicious Pinkie Promise
The kids and I are thankful for all these books!

Today, I got to visit my old workplace and have lunch with my former coworkers, which was a treat. The real treat, though, was visiting the “preview center,” which receives and distributes new books from a variety of vendors to the public and school libraries around the region. That includes even the libraries that are not part of the cooperative, like my own school library. I got to choose 25 beautiful new books! So happy!

Here are pictures of the haul. I’ve got nonfiction, juvenile fiction, and teen/young adult fiction. I’ll review what I can here, too, so if you see any that really jump out at you that you want to hear about, please comment!

Books the 2nd/3rd grade boys will go nuts over
Life in Ancient Rome (John Malam)
Cool Pro Wrestling Facts (Angie Peterson Kaelberer)
Gritty, Stinky Ancient Egypt (James A. Corrick)
The Rough, Stormy Age of Vikings (James A. Corrick)
Supernatural – a hit with the middle elementary students
Searching for Aliens, UFOs, and Men in Black (Michael Burgan)
The Girl’s Guide to Zombies (Jen Jones)
The Girl’s Guide to Vampires (Jen Jones)
Tracking Sea Monsters, Bigfoot, and other Legendary Beasts (Nel Yomtov)
Other nonfiction, for various audiences
I Know Someone with HIV/AIDS (Elizabeth Raum)
Comportamiento y modales en la biblioteca/Manners in the Library (Carrie Finn)
Preening, Painting, and Piercing: Body Art (John Bliss)
Siamese Cats (Joanne Mattern)
Why Do I Need Glasses? (Carol Ballard)
Juvenile fiction:
Doctor Proctor’s Fart Powder: Bubble in the Bathtub (Jo Nesbo, ages 8-12)
The Wizard of Dark Street (Shawn Thomas Odyssey, ages 8-12)
Worms for Lunch? (Leonid Gore, picture book)
Zombie Winter (Jason Strange, ages 8-11)
Beauty Queens (Libba Bray)
Star Crossed (Elizabeth C. Bunce)
Abandon (Meg Cabot)
My Big Mouth: 10 Songs I Wrote that Almost Got Me Killed (Peter Hannan)
Want to Go Private? (Sarah Darer Littman – I wanted to read this one anyway after YA Librarian Tales’ review )
Cleopatra’s Moon (Vicky Alvear Shecter)
Unlocked (Ryan G. Van Cleave)
My Life, the Theater, and Other Tragedies (Allen Zadoff)
The books ought to keep the kids – and me – happily reading for a while!  (Even if I have a tiny book budget for the upcoming school year.)